Recording The Wheel Turns

Samhain 2003 Update:

The CD is almost done!  We have a master back from Dan Dugan Sound Design and are currently focused on the cover art.  We are also pleased to announce the addition of Windwood to our group.  His playing compliments the music we have created in the studio and he will be an excellent addition to our live performances.  Keep an eye open for our upcoming CD release and live performances.

Dan Dugan in nature.
Dan Dugan

Spring 2003--
After a break of 2 years, during which the birds were doing live performances, they re-entered Chez Lapin and began the long process of overdubbing, editing, and mixing the CD.  The summer was hot and so was the inside of that little sound room!!!  

In addition, Raven began field recording nature sounds that became an integral part of the CD.  Her recording adventures took her to Northern California, the Utah wilderness, and locations within Salt Lake City.

Summer 2001--
The recording of The Wheel Turns, the first full-length recording of the Curious Birds is well underway.   We've been working diligently to capture the essence andRaven relaxes with Lightning at Chez Lapin energy of a series of songs with a common theme, written over the course of six years.
   The CD is a project that the band has wanted to do for several years.   Now everything is in place were finally doing it.  We're recording the CD and the Studio Chez Lapin, headquarters of Shapeshifting, Inc.  It is a place filled with magical energies, laughter and fun, and a lively spirit that has found itself on our recording more than once.   Lightning, one of the Shapeshifting mascots, has even tried his hand a singing a few bars for the CD.  Bunny Jerkins, the patron saint of Chez Lapin, even pokes his head out for a bit of mischief every once in a while. 
Scott prepares to jam it up    We're recording eleven original songs for the CD.  All have themes related to the cycles of life, change and growth, and the celebration of the seasons.

Song List:
   Will You Still Love Me?
   Persephone Return
   Beltane Fire
   Longest Day
   Harvest Time
   The Wheel Turns
   and one to grow on...

   Working in the digital studio has helped us add depth to our music in a way we have not been able to do live.  WAspen rattlin' the keyse've been able to add instruments and details to our songs that we've only heard in our heads to this point.   We have enjoyed this new flexibility, which has enhanced our creative approach to these songs. 

   We hope to complete the work soon, though the process has been so fun thus far, we're in no hurry. 

More information on the way...