Once upon a time the Spirits came to a lady named Raven and said, "You will make music."  They also said, "You will make a guitar and go forth.  You will share the music that we will give to you with others.   You will tell everybody that the music comes from us."  With much fear and trepidation, Raven grabbed Scott and the journey began.

As luck would have it, 2 songs were born.  Through circumstances, too long to tell here, the songs ended up on a CD, and later, in the hands of the Dalai Lama.  Some months later, after Raven was in a near-fatal car accident, more songs were born.  Many more.  The name, Curious Birds, was taken from a poem by Raven, then accepted by the Spirits.

The first performance came from a request to play for a university student Pagan group.   Other opportunities followed.  The previously mentioned CD brought an offer of employment at a popular local venue known as Crompton’s Roadside Attraction.   When asked for a description of the musical genre, the Birds were at a loss.  There were many musical influences.  Sometimes the music shifted genres mid-song.  Sometimes it defied description.  As it so happened, the Birds, Scott and Raven, had a humorous relationship with Dave, the owner.  Some of the jokes revolved around the theme of shapeshifting after the Birds had gone for a Sunday brunch and were not noticed until they were paying their tab.  After much head scratching, the Birds decided that shapeshifting music would be an apt description.

Raven and Scott are the core of Curious Birds and have been joined at various times by other musicians.  These have included Susie Thomas on violin, Butch Moon and Frankie Onwukene on bass guitar, and Marshall Rudd on drums.  Currently Curious Birds features Raven on guitar and vocals, Scott on electric guitar, Aspen Moon on bass, and Windwood on percussion.